Gurpreet Singh Chana

Oh Tableh Waleh…!” These are the most frequent sounds I hear come out of Onkar’s mouth when he’s addressing me. If it’s not one thing he’s bossing me around with, it’s another. I’m just the tabla lackey who accompanies him from time to time, but the abuse is worth it! The reason being that when it comes to Onkar, all thinking is thrown out the window, and all feeling is let in and shared, with his fellow musicians, sangat, and audience. And the best part of that is, whether you are playing and creating with him or experiencing it from the other side, you get music and a message from the heart. Thanks for sharing what you’re feeling Onkar, and may Waheguru continue to help you share more!

Suresh Pal Singh Bhalla

Onkar is an incredibly accomplished and versatile singer with a haunting, deep, and melodious voice. From Spiritual Shabads to topical Ghazals, his repertoire spans a listener’s delight. His knowledge of Indian classical music and his ability to explain into English what he sings, are a unique blend of qualities and that I have enjoyed and admired listening to over the past ten years or so

Andrew McPherson

I’ve recently had the good fortune of working with Onkar in both live performance and in recordings for my internationally recognized world fusion project, Eccodek. The collaborations with Onkar on Shivaboom, the 3rd album by Eccodek find his mellifluous and sensual vocal style adding a fresh new sound to the band’s identity. With the evocative dub, tribal and trance like treatments of the recordings, Onkar’s vocal presence sparkles with vitality and a powerful essence of the spiritual realm. I was also recently invited to join Onkar in a live gala performance of one of his original Kirtan-fusion compositions, only to learn that his skill is not just limited to the controlled environment of the studio but is right at home before a rapt audience of listeners as well.

Jasvinder Hunjan

Onkar Singh is a great musician and a very humble human being. His compositions are truly classic and melodious. As his co-artist I have always received a lot of support and felt very comfortable all along numerous performances with him. He is never short with praise for good performance and also gives his valuable advises for future improvements. Onkar Singh has given me the right opportunities to help me move forward as a tabla player. I always look forward to perform with Onkar Singh.

Tej Singh Hazra

Whether you’re composing yourself for a day in the office or about to make a public address to a large audience, Dr. Onkar Singh’s Methodical, Spiritual, Tranquil and Passionate approach to life is exactly what the “Doctor should prescribe”. Over the years Dr. Onkar Singh has developed a unique style in communicating the aforementioned character traits through the medium of music, whether it be in a spiritual setting or a concert hall, you’ll always leave the gathering having received a full return on investment of your time. There is a place in everyone’s day for Dr. Onkar Singh – I’m reminded constantly how humility is such a powerful and often necessary human characteristic.