Journey to optimal wellness – “Have to follow through….”

As of this past Friday, I completed week 4 of my training regime under the guidance and inspiration of Satnam Chana.  By the end of this week, I was so looking forward to my off days on Saturday and Sunday J.  This week has been a bit more challenging as I was feeling “under the weather”.  As they say, the “show must still go on”.  I continued with my regular routine of work, music, exercise, family etc.  On Thursday, I started experiencing some symptoms of what appeared to be the start of a flu.  Friday, the muscle aches, malaise and a chest cough began.  Throughout the week, (like a good Naturopathic Doctor) I had been hitting it hard with adequate hydration, plenty of vitamin C and following a healthy eating plan.  What got me through my workout on Friday was simply the reminder that I had given my word to Satnam.  I was compelled to follow through on his training regime and my commitment to the same.  After all, about a month ago I specifically requested him to guide me towards my optimal health goals.  Since that point, he has been nothing but professional, inspirational, a great motivator, and has been invaluable in guiding me on this journey.  How could I not follow through?  I have always believed strongly in staying true to your word.  I definitely try to do so with any commitment I decide to undertake.  This was no different.  Amidst the fatigue, malaise, and generalized achiness, I hit the gym.  On my way there, I recall speaking with my wife and telling her that I will perhaps modify the plan for today since I am not 100%.  Once I got into the gym however, things changed.  I saw everyone busy working out, some on treadmills, a few on the bikes, others stretching and more on the free weights (my favourite J).  It was quite motivating at that moment.  You see so many different individuals at different levels of health working towards a common goal.  In fact, there are some that I see everyday who visibly have many health challenges, yet they keep going….they keep running…..they keep biking….they keep lifting….it certainly puts my you know what in place!   So that initially little voice inside me became a strong….ambitious…. force if you will, that convinced me to stay true to the plan as recommended…no short cuts….it was time to exercise to failure!  I agreed this would be the better way to approach the gym today.  Friday marked the end of the 4th week where I followed an interesting circuit of weights for varying muscle groups and planks which followed completion of each set; specifically, I did 4 sets each of flat bench, squats, triceps, wide pull downs, shoulder military press, and bicep curls in a carefully designed circuit by Satnam.   His motto to me for hitting the gym is, “get in there… and get out!”  Seems to work well for me and my schedule. I have found these workouts challenging and intense on many levels.  I find by the end of each session, I am totally depleted but I have only spent half the time I would normally have spent per gym session over the last 2 years.  It seems Satnam is teaching me how to exercise “smart” but with positive outcomes.  The good news is I am finding the next day I am able to “replete” myself so I am ready to go again!  It is never too late to hit the gym folks!  Find someone who can guide you, stay fit, and stay true to your word….