Guneet Kaur – A humble musician with a boundless sound

I had the opportunity to meet and hear Guneet Kaur several years ago for the first time.  The moment she busted out her alaap (see previous blog posts about “alaap”), you knew you were going to listen to kirtan that would hit you, that would create an impact, and that would take you on a spiritual boundless journey.  The emotion in her voice was simply reflective of the emotion in her soul.  When music comes from the soul, watch out!  It’s going to overwhelm you in ways that you cannot describe.  Such is the nature and strength of kirtan when sung in its most authentic state.  Her kirtan offers the listener an opportunity to engage themselves with the most purest of sounds.  In my various meetings with Guneet, one thing strikes me above all of her expertise in the musical realm; it is her humbleness.  A very genuine and “down to earth” individual.  This sister knows what the “real deal” is.

Guneet Kaur is an accomplished student of Ustad Rajinder Singh from Delhi and Ustad Baljeet Singh-ji Namdhari.  She has dedicated her life to the art of Indian Classical Music and Gurmat Sangeet.   Born and raised in Dehli, Guneet Kaur has received her Masters in Indian Classical Music from Allahabad University and continues her training under the tutelage of Pandit Vinayak Pathak-ji (Gwalior Gharana)Guneet Kaur is not only a dedicated student but is also a dedicated teacher; someone who truly understands and exemplifies that learning is an all-encompassing, never-ending process.  Moreover, her openness to teach other’s the treasures of knowledge that she has acquired, speaks volumes of her integrity as an individual and musician.

Indeed, my take on her voice is, “one that flow’s from her soul boundlessly creating an angelic vibe which is all too overwhelming and all-encompassing”.  This, coupled with her knowledge of Gurmat Sangeet and Guru-Shabad creates a captivating experience for the listener.   Indeed, it’s a mutual journey for the singer and the listener.  You do not feel a separation.  The singer and listener become one, the shabad is one, the experience is the same.  Guneet Kaur has the ability to take the Sangat on a journey where the meaning of the shabad becomes apparent without even discussion of the same.  It is indeed a boundless sound, a never-ending journey when it comes to Guneet Kaur.

Special thanks to Manraj Singh for providing some bio for Guneet Kaur.